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Playgroup Program

Age group: 2 - 3 yrs

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Nursery Program

Age group: 3 - 4 yrs

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Jr. KG Program

Age group: 4 - 5 yrs

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Sr. KG Program

Age group: 5 - 6 yrs

Our Pedagogy

Nurtures and Shapes The Mind At An Early Age

Focused Mind

Goes deep into any topic with focus and single minded attention

Conscientious Mind

Lives in harmony with the natural world

Empathetic Mind

Respond sympathetically and constructively to differences among individuals

Analytical Mind

Selects crucial information from the copious amounts available and arraying that information

Inventive Mind

Goes beyond existing knowledge to pose new questions and offer new solutions

Parents Says

With the help of teachers and the environment as the third teacher, students
have opportunities to confidently take risks.

I am lucky that my son has teachers who have really groomed him well. They keep all the children engaged and teach them new things.


Lovely staff and incredible school. Our son loves to go to school and keeps talking about what he learnt in the class. We highly recommend Kidzee to other parents as well.

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At Kidzee, the teachers are trained, monitored, and evaluated, thus certified as experts in Early Childhood Education to achieve the desired learning goals.

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Fantasy Box

A home learning programme and an opportunity for parents to get involved in their child's learning.


Years of


each year


  • General Knowledge Concepts
  • Letter-Picture Association
  • Phonic Sounds & Concepts
  • Complex Math Concepts
  • Language

Kidzee Daycare - A home away from home for your child!

We understand that the early years in the child’s life are important for the overall development. The primary role of parents in these years is to provide their children with an environment that is loving, caring, fun-filled and one which provides happy experiences. As these aspects play a very important role in fostering the developmental areas, like, cognitive development, physical development, socio-emotional development, and so on. Hence, our objective is to create a home away from home for them to feel safe, secure, and happy. The facilities at Kidzee Day care are, Freshen up Lunch, nap time ,academics, Inter-intra personal skills, indoor activities, snacks, outdoor activities and Edutainment

Zee Learn Anthem

You are within me, You are infinite
You are unique, My potential inside.

You are the wind, Beneath my wings 
You define me, My potential inside.

Today I pledge, With all my might
I shall achieve you, My potential inside.